by Nicole Campbell

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Levi The entire essence of this song is why I am alive. The idea, recording, and overall feel to the song is executed flawlessly. I could say the same for any of the other songs on the album. Hands down five stars Favorite track: You're Not A Loam.
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released December 1, 2011



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Nicole Campbell Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Horizontal Asymptote
I'm always getting closer to you
Arbitrarily close to you
But no matter how close I go, I'll never get to touch you
You horizontal asymptote

I saw you on a plane I was headed for an infinite destination
I was flying higher and higher, on top of the world
But you cut me short

Cuz my limit is you
My limit is you you you X2

I'm so continuous in my pursuit of you
I never approach a situation from the right and left without following through
But you hold me down, you push me back
I'm .999 and you're the one I lack
Fear of intimacy
That's one of your properties


I stopped and reflected tried to change my direction
I became my inverse
But as I approached you, as I got to know you
You introduced me to your vertical asymptote

.99, .9999, .999999 x4
You're my one
Track Name: The Combustion Song
Hydrocarbon was in the hotseat
Sitting among the flames
And in this stressful situation Carbon cracked and stole away
Hydrogen was heartbroken, she and carbon had shared a bond
She gave him her electron and he left her in a pond

Some call it less some call it combustion that caused this bitter end
But there was love in the air that day in the form of oxygen

Carbon said to Oxygen "I'm missing something but I think we'd be complete, if it were you and me"
Oxygen said when I'm alone I get lonely so I, I bring my doppelganger with me
Carbon said baby that's no problem I've
had four partners simultaneously
We would make a breath-taking three

So Carbon said baby what's your number
She said "It's 8, it's half my weight
Let's lay our info down on the table so we can see how well we relate"

Track Name: You're Not A Loam
Sometimes I feel, like I'll cling to anything
Like I'm easily molded
Sometimes I feel like dirt
Like I don't mean a thing to a "sole"

There was a man, who looked over my lands
I was the very ground he walked on
Then one day he took me in his hands
And as I slipped through his fingers he looked at me and said

You're not a loam, you're not a loam
This just isn't my day, you look more like a clay
You're not a loam, x3
You can't help me to grow, I don't want you I don't
You're not a loam

He said that I would suffocate all the dreams
That he laid into the soil at his feet
He needs somewhere to plant his seeds
He said I don't know how you got inside my boundaries

He said you're Clay, I'm Achin' to change what you are
Cuz what you have to offer won't get me too far
And if I was a different man, this isn't how it'd go,
But these hands weren't made for sculpting, this farmer needs to grow


So you think you know me, you think that you can group me
Let me tell you a little bit about myself
I'm grounded, I'm dirty, walk all over me I'm sturdy
I know where I came from, foundation of stone


Well I don't need you to want me, but you left your footprints on me x4
Track Name: Complementary
When I saw your shape for the first time you seemed so far away
Things looked all right to my right side
But then I saw you across the way
Now don't you be obtuse
oh don't you see what I'm trying to say
From the moment I saw your face I said "man, that's acute"

We're complementary
Like 30 and 60 degrees
We're right when it's you and me
We're complementary
When we're side by side
There's an overwhelming sine,
you're one with me

Baby what's your sine x4

Well we might be different astrologically
And we might have different trigonometry
I'm square root of 3 over 2, your one half,
That doesn't mean we can't share the same path, no


I can make you complete
No degree of separation should come between you and me
When you're far from sight
My angle stays the same despite
You and I are just so right, right right